The entrance fees of the IFKF are divided into different options.

One must indicate for both the JAM and the JAM + Contest by completing the registration form and sending it or emailing it. The registration form can be found here.

Entrance tickets will be ready at the cash register on the day of the IFKF itself. This amount can then be paid by cash at the cash register.





€ 2, - per person (children up to 6 years free)

The Jam and the competition can be watched from the gallery/stands. The audience is not allowed to enter the hall, neither as a guide



€ 15 per person.

Gives you access to the stands and the Jam to practice free in the hall. Except when the competition is in progress.


Pariticipation in the contest

€ 2,50 extra per person per competition categorie.


Sleep over (only for group 3)

€ 45 per person

Includes entrance JAM, 1x breakfast, 1x dinner, sleeping place, free participation in both competition categories, shared activities, workshops.



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